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"Rune Equations" by Simon H Lilly (SB)
An introduction to using the runes as a divination and assessment method. This book approaches the subject by an examination of the shapes made by each rune, which reflects the original intention that the runes were perceived as part of a universal pattern, conceived as the World Tree. A practical, easy-to-use reference book strikingly illustrated with the author's own rune artworks.

2014 ISBN: 9781905454327 Published by Tree Seer Publications
Cost £10.75 + P&P

"Preseli Bluestone: Medicine Stone of the Ancestors" By Simon & Sue Lilly

This book from Simon & Sue includes the history and myths surrounding Merlin, Preseli Bluestone and Stonehenge. It also delves into the concepts of the energy of the Earth and techniques for Earth healing. The last section of the book contains over 25 techniques for self-healing and working with Preseli Bluestone in groups.

2011 ISBN 978 1905454082 (Tree Seer Publications)
Cost £9.95 + P&P

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